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About Mangosteen Juice

Sweet and tart, deliciously refreshing and unforgettable – those are just a few ways to describe the flavor of the mangosteen. Mangosteen juice, made from the fruit that inspired Queen Victoria to offer knighthood to anyone that could ensure her a steady supply of mangosteens, is more than just delicious. It’s packed with healthy antioxidants and vitamins that may help boost your immune system, maintain your intestinal system, neutralize damaging free radicals, support joint and cartilage function and promote a healthy respiratory system.

Mangosteen juice is made from the fruit of the garcinia mangostana, a tree that is native to Indonesia. For centuries, people in India and Southeast Asia have used dried mangosteen rind to treat all sorts of illnesses, including dysentery and malaria. The fruit is prized for its delicate, delicious flavor as well as for its health-giving properties. Mangosteen juice uses the whole mangosteen fruit, capturing all the healthy benefits of the fruit that is believed by many to be the most delicious of all fruits.

Just one to three ounces of mangosteen juice a day provides vitamin C, thiamine, calcium, phosphorus and iron – but most importantly of all, it is packed full of xanthones, powerful antioxidants that help keep your body healthy. In fact, mangosteen juice made from the whole mangosteen fruit contains 40 or more different xanthones, each of which works in the body in a different way to help support your physical and emotional health.

In short, drinking mangosteen juice is a delicious, nutritious way to help keep your body working at its best!

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