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Product Comparisons

Extraordinary scientific research from Tufts University has evaluated the antioxidant needs of the average person PLUS the antioxidant power (referred to as Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC Value) of fruits and vegetables. Their research has concluded that we need approximately 5,000 ORAC Units per day to have a significant impact on plasma and tissue antioxidant capacity. Consumption of a minimum of three servings of fruits and vegetables per day provides approximately 3800 ORAC Units each day, depending on the fruits and vegetables they are choosing.

Compare ORAC values, per liter (33 ounces), of some of the leading supplements...
(information obtained from company websites, company literature or independent lab tests.)

  • Mangosteen Plus -- 92,000
  • Thai-go -- 46,000
  • Mangoxan -- 27,448
  • Noni -- 21,000
  • Xango -- 17,000
  • Sea Silver -- 6,000
  • Body Balance -- 4,000

Xanthones are natural chemical substances that have recently won high praise from numerous scientists and researchers. Xanthones have been studied for their medicinal potential, since they demonstrate a number of pharmaceutical properties:

  • Supports microbiological balance
  • Maintains immune system health
  • Promotes joint flexibility
  • Provides positive mental support

What's remarkable is that the mangosteen -- not just the inner flesh, but the whole fruit -- represents the single greatest known supply of these tremendously beneficial xanthones. The pericarp, or rind, of the mangosteen is particularly rich in xanthones, which represent the next generation of powerful phytonutrients; phytonutrients that will change the future of dietary supplements.

Compare Mangostin Xanthone Content of available Mangosteen products...

  • Mangosteen Plus -- 62 mg. per ounce
  • Mangoxan -- 1 mg. per ounce
  • Thia-go -- 3 mg. per ounce
  • Xango -- 7 mg. per ounce
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