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Mangosteen Fruit

The mangosteen is an exotic fruit grown in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia. The fruit of the garcinia mangostana plant, a tree that grows in Southeast Asia and Indonesia, it’s been called the Queen of All Fruit, and is widely named as the most delicious fruit in the world.

The fruit of the garcinia mangostana is about 2-3 inches in diameter – the size of a small plum. It has a hard, dark purple rind that has been ground and used for medicinal purposes in India, China, Malaysia and other countries for centuries. Inside the rind, you’ll find four to eight juicy snow-white segments, similar to those in an orange. Bite into one of those segments, and you’ll have an idea why mangosteen fruit has been revered for its delicate, distinctive flavor for centuries.

A cross between a pear and a strawberry, say some who’ve had the pleasure of tasting the fresh fruit. Slightly acidic, slightly sweet with a tang that’s found in no other fruit, say others. Mangosteen fruit has been said to taste like a pineapple crossed with pear, berries and citrus, lichees and prunes. No matter what comparisons they make though, everyone agrees that the flavor is exquisite, delicate and completely unforgettable.

But it’s more than just beautiful and delicious. The fruit of the mangosteen tree has been widely used for centuries to combat fever, pain and infection. The ground rind has been used to ease digestive upsets and soothe headache and stomach ache. Modern science has discovered that mangosteen fruit contains more powerful, potent antioxidants than Vitamin C or Vitamin E, making it a wonderfully healthy and delicious way to safeguard your health and boost your energy.

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