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Mangosteen Fruit

You may not have heard of a rambutan or a longan. They are tropical fruits that are very rare to the United States because of strict importation laws. However, these fruits are nothing compared to the beautiful taste of a mangosteen fruit. Yet, mangosteen’s are also very rare to the United States.

Mangosteen fruit is described by many individuals as not only one of the best tasting fruits, but actually the best tasting fruit of all fruits. The mangosteen fruit is a round ball with purplish, leather skin with a stem at the top. When opened you get a view of the beautiful flesh of the mangosteen. It will be about 4 to 8 segments that may be white or pinkish. They look sort of like orange segments without the peel.

Mangosteen fruit is more than just delicious. It contains xanthones which may contain a number of health benefits including antioxidant properties. You may have heard that antioxidants promote general health, ward of diseases, and may prevent cancer. This makes the mangosteen fruit a powerful, but all natural, healthy fruit.

Mangosteen fruit may be one of the best fruits that nature designed. As a defense, the mangosteen’s outer skin is about 8 mm thick. Powerful stains can result if not careful when opening a mangosteen fruit. However, this deep purple juice is contained in the outer skin alone and can be avoided if opened carefully. Experienced mangosteen fans do not require a knife and use only their hands to twist the fruit open and pull of the top.

Currently mangosteen fruit is being grown on the Island of Hawaii. However, even from Hawaii, the fruit is not allowed to travel to the United States. The reason for the ban on tropical fruit such as the mangosteen is because they may carry a breed of fruit flies that can harm American crops. However, future technology may soon change this and allow all Americans to enjoy this wonderful and healthy fruit.

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