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Mangosteen Opener

Many of natures best products are hidden under an indiscreet covering. One of nature’s best kept secrets is the mangosteen. However, many people are now aware of the flavorful fruit that is hidden under the tough exterior of the mangosteen. Yet, there still is not easy way to release the beautiful white flesh that contains the great taste that so many people enjoy. However, one Singapore contest has come up with a mangosteen opener.

You see, every year the Northeast CDC holds a contest called the Mayor’s Innobiz Award. This award attempts to prompt innovative, business ideas and products. It is during one of these competitions that Lam Yoke Theng and Michelle Lee Zhengyi developed their mangosteen opener and went on to win the Silver award.

Mangosteens are a much loved fruit around the world. In fact, Queen Victoria is said to have had a great affection for the mangosteen fruit. It is even called the “Queen of Fruit,” though is much different than the Durian. Unlike the Durian, or the “King of Fruit,” mangosteens do not necessitate and acquired taste.

Although this fruit is known for its wonderful taste, and even its medical properties, it isn’t easy to open. In fact, proper care must be taken during the opening of mangosteen so that the purplish juice in the outer skin does not stain your clothing. Those accustomed to eating mangosteens will use their hands to twist the fruit breaking the outer skin and revealing the beautiful inside segments. Others will slice through the outer skin with a knife, which is the same principle used in the mangosteen opener.

The mangosteen opener developed by the contestants is pretty simple but it gets the job done. It sort of resembles a can opener in that it has the blade that cuts through the outer skin as the fruit is turned and the blade remains stationary. However, the mangosteen opener is slightly different because it also has a container that holds the mangosteen.

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