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Mangosteen Plant

Mangosteen may never become a household word in parts of the world where importation of the Mangosteen is restricted due to fruit flies. This is because the mangosteen plant is tropical and must be maintained under the perfect growing conditions. This may change with the practice of irradiation, but for now the Mangosteen is very rare in parts of the world including the United States.

Mangosteen plants must be kept in just the right temperature. Temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit can kill mangosteen plants. Mangosteen seeds must also be kept at the right temperatures in order to retain their ability to produce mangosteen plants.

In addition, mangosteen seeds do not last long. They can retain their growing powers for only 3-5 days outside of the fruit and 3-5 weeks while inside of the mangosteen. This life can be extended by packing the mangosteen seeds in moist peat moss, but for only about 3 months. Charcoal can also be used but have a 22% loss of mangosteen seeds that start to germinate early.

Areas need to have a high humidity in order to sustain mangosteen plants. In fact, rainfall for the year must exceed 50 inches for the mangosteen plants to grow. However, does not depend on just rainfall alone. Mangosteen plants must also depend on the power of the soil to retain that moisture.

Mangosteen plants are native to parts of Southeast Asia including Thailand. In fact, it is believed that the mangosteen plants were first cultivated in Thailand. Other areas have certainly tried to start growing their own mangosteen plants, but many of these attempts have failed.

Hawaii has started producing mangosteen plants of their own; however, mangosteens are not quick growers. In fact, it takes about ten years for a mangosteen plant to produce fruit. In Hawaii it takes the mangosteen plants about 2 years longer than that to produce fruit.

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