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Mangosteen Research

One of the reasons so many advocates are trying to preserve the tropical rainforest is because we are still discovering the medicinal plants growing there. In fact, many of the plants growing in the tropical rainforests can not be found anywhere else. One of these products is the Mangosteen fruit, which is now being grown in Hawaii. For this reason, mangosteen research is fairly new.

However new, mangosteen research has been very promising. Mangosteen fruit has been found to contain over 40 xanthones which you may have heard of as phytonutrients. These xanthones have exhibited antioxidant properties. In fact, mangosteen fruit contains about 25% of all known xanthones.

Mangosteen research suggests that the antioxidant properties have many medical benefits. This is no surprise since mangosteen fruit has been used for its medicinal properties by ancient civilizations. In fact, the antioxidant craze is has many Americans and eating more natural and healthy foods.

In the past people have used mangosteen fruit as a pain reliever, fever reducer, and to prevent disease. In the past users did not know what gave mangosteen its healing powers, but now mangosteen research is trying to answer that question and affirm the fruits healing powers.

Mangosteen research has found that high concentrations of xanthones are contained in the mangosteen fruit. Smaller amounts of xanothones are found in many natural items, but not as many as the 40 different types contained in the mangosteen fruit.

As a result mangosteen research has led to the use of mangosteen fruit as a dietary supplement. This supplement contains the highly concentrated xanthones and antioxidant properties discovered in the actual mangosteen fruit. However, since mangosteen fruit has such a wonderful taste, evident by its nickname as the “Queen of Fruit,” it doesn’t taste like a dietary supplement. Although mangosteen research is still fairly new and ongoing, the benefits of the fruit are believed to be numerous.

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