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Mangosteen Seeds

Mangosteens are an exotic fruit from Southeast Asia. They hold an exotic flavor that is described by some as the best tasting fruit on this planet. Yet, growing mangosteen seeds prove to be a bit difficult. In fact, mangosteen trees are finicky when it comes to fertilization, temperature, and location. Listed below are a few tips for growing your mangosteen seeds.

When choosing mangosteen seeds to plant, choose larger seeds that have completed their growth. Mangosteen seeds that are underdeveloped will not grow as well as these. Out from these seeds will emerge a shoot at one end and a root at the other end. In the next phase the first root disappears and the permanent roots sprout from the shoot. Some mangsoteen seeds can produce to shoots which can be separated before planting.

Inside a mangosteen, seeds can be kept up to 3 to 5 weeks. However, mangosteen seeds do not keep very long so planting must begin soon after removal from the fruit. In fact, mangosteen seeds should be used within 5 days of their removal from the fruit.

There has been some success in maintaining mangosteen seeds longer than this period. Packing these seeds in damp peat moss or similar material has been successful in keeping the seeds well for a period of up to 3 months. Packing in charcoal has also been a bit successful loosing only about 22% of the mangosteen seeds.

After planting your mangosteen seeds, sprouting takes place 20 to 22 days later. After about the 43rd day sprouting is usually finished. You can speed up your germination somewhat by soaking your mangosteen seeds overnight or 24 hours.

Mangosteen seeds have a better chance of survival if they are planted directly into the ground rather than be transferred there. This is because mangosteen seeds are fairly difficult to transfer. If transferring them, you should do so before they are 2 feet or higher.

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