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Mangosteen Wine

You can make just about any fruit or vegetable into an alcoholic beverage. Why not take the best taking fruit there is and make a great tasting wine? There really is not reason not to make mangosteen wine. There are many recipes for making homemade wines. Listed below is one of those recipes.

For this mangosteen wine recipe you will need a small amount of items. These items include 3 1/2 gallons of mangosteen fruit juice. In addition to the main ingredient, you will need a 3 pound bag of sugar, and a 1 pack of yeast usually used to make dough rise. Other supplies needed for your mangosteen wine include a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, an empty 2-liter bottle, and a 2 foot length of clear plastic hose.

Before beginning the bucket you are using should be airtight and clean. This is where you are going to make your mangosteen wine by first pouring in the mangosteen juice. Now you are ready to add a half gallon of water, the sugar, and the yeast. Now, mix all the ingredients together until the sugar and the yeast are all the way dissolved.

Now, with you will want to place a small hole in the bucket’s lid as well as the lid for the 2-liter bottle. This hole should be the same size as the hose that will be placed in the holes. The hose should be large enough that a pencil could travel through it, but not much bigger than that.

Now, before placing the tubing or hose into the holes in the lids, you will want to fill the 2-liter bottle halfway with water. Than place the tubing through the opening of the hole in the 2-liter bottle and screw the cap back on. Push the tubing down into the water so that it rests near the bottom.

Now, it is time to place the other end through the bucket’s lid and place the lid on the bucket. This time you do not want the tubing to touch the mangosteen wine. The reason for the tubing is to allow the carbon dioxide byproduct to escape. However, you do not want to let materials back into your mangosteen wine.

This is done by ensuring that the hole in the bucket’s lid is airtight using duct tape while allowing the hole in the 2-liter bottle’s lid to let the carbon monoxide out. In other words, you should not make this hole airtight but allow a little space for air to escape from the 2-liter bottle.

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