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Xango Distributor

Xango has figured that the best way to sell a product is to focus on the customer. That is why they have invited their customers to do the selling. Not only are these Xango juice fanatics enjoying the product that they have already tried and fell in love with, but they are also informing everyone they come into contact with. The best part is that as a Xango distributor they get paid for sharing their enthusiasm.

Once an individual tastes the exquisiteness that is Xango juice they are instant fanatics. However, once they feel the difference that takes place from drinking this dietary supplement they feel the need to pass this wonderful secret onto others. For this loyalty they are rewarded as a Xango distributor.
Xango distributors are paid a 50% commission on sales. Xango is splitting the profits 50/50. You can’t ask for more than that. In addition, a Xango distributor may be paid commission for other distributors recruited by them.

A Xango distributor also has the chance to earn incentives. Vacations and bonuses are some of the rewards offered to Xango distributors who make certain quotas during a sales period. These vacations are very luxurious and include all the mangosteen one can handle.

In addition to earning incentives and selling a product that they believe in and use themselves, a Xango distributor also has the satisfaction of being their own boss. You set your own hours and determine how much time you want to devote as a Xango distributor.

A Xango distributor can also boast a connection to one of the friendliest companies in existence. Since Xango’s recent beginning they have already given to a number of charities. They have even participated in a number of community events. They aren’t just giving opportunity they are giving their time and their charity.

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