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Xango Distributors

Xango juice is an all natural dietary supplement made from the finest fruit on earth otherwise known as mangosteen. Xango distributors are people. They are your dentist, your friend, your neighbor, and the person in the car next to you. Xango distributors are people who have tried the Xango juice for themselves and have seen the benefits. They have tasted the “Queen of Fruits” and there is no going back. They’re hooked.

There are many reasons whey people are becoming Xango distributors. One of the most important is that they believe in what they are selling. They believe that Xango juice is promotes health and wards off cancer. How are they so sure? The answer is research. It is a fact that mangosteens have 40 different types of xanthones. It is a fact that xanthones exhibit antioxidant properties. These facts speak for themselves, but Xango distributors are not limited to facts they have experienced the effects themselves.

Xango distributors are also drawn in because they want to work for a company that cares. Xango is that company. They have proven this by their charitable donations and volunteerism. They have proven this with the way they take care of their customers and distributors. Xango isn’t the boss, the distributor is and Xango is a helpful guide.

Xango distributors can expect a great compensation plan that includes a 50% commission on each sale. They can also expect rewards and incentives such as vacations and bonuses. Not only do you receive a percent of your sales, but you may receive a percent of the sales received by distributors signed underneath you.

You can also find a number of sales tools available to Xango distributors. A free web site can help you automate your sales and open your product to a wider area of people. T-shirts, posters and mugs allow you to advertise your love for the mangosteen product and jumpstart Xango conversations.

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