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Xango Information

Xango began with the adventures of one man, Joe Morton. Morton may have been looking for an escape or just a break from boredom. He may have been looking for a true adventure or just the taste of another culture, but what he found was truly amazing. He found one of nature’s gifts wrapped up in a leathery, purplish skin that contained the “Queen of Fruit.” He found the mangosteen. From this was born Xango juice and below you will find more xango information to discover how this amazing product came about.

Although Xango information is important to the story, the story actually goes back further than Joe Morton. It probably began on the Sunda Islands, although researchers are not sure that is where mangosteen got its start. It is believed that Thailand was the location that first domesticated the fruit. From the beginning, mangosteen has been used for its healing power by ancient people.

It is now known that mangosteen contains powerful antioxidants in the form of xanthones. In fact, the mangosteen contains 40 different types of these xanthones. This is the largest number of xanthones know to exist in one organic item. This is the most-likely cause of mangosteens powerful healing properties although little testing has been done. Xango information displayed on their website further explains the science behind the product.

It will be years later that Joe Morton decides that everyone should share in nature’s little secret. In 2002 the company started with a not much to go with but a desire to share the taste and power that is contained in this amazing fruit. Xango juice was born and is now an antioxidant rich, all natural, dietary supplement.

Now the company is flourishing and offers the opportunity of growth to anyone who want to join Xango team. When searching for Xango information you may find that this company has a huge heart. This is evident in the many charitable donations and their involvement in community events.

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