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Xango Juice

Xango juice is not your ordinary fruit juice. It is more than just an all natural fruit beverage that does not contain artificial flavors or sweeteners. It isn’t made from a fruit that you can get by visiting your local grocery store. In fact, you would have to travel half-way around the world to find one of these fresh mangosteen fruit. Yet, Xango juice brings this wonderful taste to you in a beautiful bottle of purple refreshment.

As stated above, Xango juice isn’t just a fruit juice. It is a great tasting dietary supplement drink. Unlike other dietary supplements that are made with chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce, Xango juice is simply all natural. It doesn’t get its medical significance from a pharmaceutical, but from nature herself.

People have been using this ultra tropical fruit as kind of herbal cure for many long years. However, it has not been permitted to journey into the United States, at least not legally. In fact, the only place in the United States to grow the mangosteen is Hawaii, but you still won’t see in grocery stores. This is because, even from Hawaii, the fruit is banned because of fruit fly concerns. This mangosteen is the ingredient that Xango juice is created from.

Lucky for us, Joe Morton was visiting abroad when he tasted a juice that would not be forgotten. In fact, Queen Victoria was said to like the mangosteen so much that she announced that knighthood would be a reward for the person who could bring her a supply of the wonderful fruit. Many others have proclaimed it the best tasting fruit on the planet. Xango juice is equally tasty.

Xango juice contains medical properties that may improve muscle and joint pain, ward of disease, and help prevent cancer. In fact, the mangosteen fruit has been used for dysentery, fever reduction, and diarrhea in parts of India and abroad. It has even been transformed into a topical cream for treatment of skin conditions.

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