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Xango Mangosteen

If you haven’t heard of Xango yet, you will soon. Xango has succeeded in creating a fresh product that is truly unique. It is more than a drink. It is more than a dietary supplement. It is a combination of nature and science, beauty and taste, and a wonder to the western world. Xango mangosteen juice is an ultra tropical fruit sensation that contains medical marvels and a much loved taste.

Xango mangosteen juice is a dietary supplement drink. A dietary supplement is simply a term for an item that supplements an individual’s diet. There are different variations of dietary supplements. Some are proteins supplemented to add bulk when body building. Some are vitamins meant to keep a person health or to aid vitamin deficiencies.
Xango mangosteen juice is a dietary supplement that is taken for a variety of effects. You see, Xango mangosteen contains 40 types of xanthones. This is about 20% of all known xanthones in any one item. In essence, mangosteen contains a highly concentrated amount of xanthones possessing many different types.

You may be wondering, “What in the world is a xanthones?” Well, it is essentially a phytonutrients which contains antioxidant properties. To clear things up, antioxidants are found in many healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. However, Xango mangosteen contains a larger amount.

Antioxidants, like the ones found in Xango mangosteen juice, are thought to promote general health. They are also said to neutralize free radicals that might otherwise lead to cancer. So, it may actually help prevent cancer from developing.

You might wonder why people haven’t used mangosteen before. Well, many parts of the world have been using mangosteen for its medical properties for a long time. However, mangosteen is a rare fruit in the United States and other parts of the world. This is because it is only grown in the tropics and has been banned from importation due to fruit fly concerns.

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