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Xango is a company that has developed a product that is unlike any other product on the market today. Yes, there are many great tasting juices. Yes, there are some powerful dietary supplements. However, Xango’s mangosteen juice has one of the most powerful antioxidants with the best tasting fruit juice ever known to man.

Xango juice contains the juice of the mangosteen. This ultra tropical fruit is one of the most delicious fruits known to man. Hidden inside the purplish, leathery skin are 4 to 8 white or pinkish segments of flesh. The segments resemble a lemon without the peel except that the color and texture is more like the inside of a grape or a pear. They are said to taste somewhat like an under-ripe strawberry.

The mangosteen which is used to make Xango juice is a cherished fruit in Thailand where it is believe to have been first domesticated and where it is still in abundance. Yet, you won’t see this cherished fruit in many parts of the world. This is because it can only be grown in tropical conditions. It is banned from importation because it can contain a type of Asian fruit fly that could be devastating to crops in some parts of the world including the United States.

However, this xango juice made from mangosteen contains more than just a delicious taste that is hard to find. It also contains an amount of xanthones, 40 to be exact, that are above that found in any food known today. Xanthones are known to possess antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants, including the ones in mangosteen, have been known to exhibit natural medical properties. In fact, many fruits and vegetable such as spinach and broccoli are known antioxidants though not to the degree that is found in Xango juice. Antioxidants can ward off diseases, ease joint pain, and even prevent cancer.

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